International Partnership


On the 24th of September 2016, Autism Care and Support Initiative(ACSI) and Global Autism Project officially announced a new International partnership. This collaboration and  partnership aims at working  towards creating a sustainable center of excellence for individuals with Auitism.

Below are the features of this collaboration




Continuous Collaboration

Global Autism Project will support ACSI in administrative and clinical practices. Weekly supervision occurs via Skype. In this phase, Acsi will begin training for BCBA certification and Global Autism Project will provide BCBA supervision as well.


SkillCorps Trips

In addition to weekly admin/clinical training, Global Autism Project’s led team of hand-selected volunteer professionals will visit ACSI twice a year. During these trips intensive, In-person trainings are conducted.


Beginnings of independences

During the collaboration and training phase, Global Autism Project will mentor and ACSI as they initiate and participate in many capacity-building activities, including holding press conferences, training local medical professionals, conducting parent training workshops and submitting research proposals to international research conferences






Global Autism project will support ACSI Center to develop long-term sustainable system.



SkillCorps trips continue, and Global Autism Project provides ongoing BCBA supervision and reviews clinical data from the ACSI Center. Global Autism Project will work with ACSI to evaluate growth and analyse data from the Partnership Proficiency Program Evaluation, which will be administrated to ACSI  every 6 month.





International Research and Advocacy Contribution

After the partnership ends, Acsi will continue to participate in international research conferences, publications, and ad-vocacy efforts. Acsi will spearhead local and regional research and advocacy efforts.


Clinical Excellence

ACSI will maintain excellence in staff training through on-going research participation and study. ACSI will find and utilize highest quality clinical interventions in field, which are accepted as evidence-based practices.