Our Mission

Our Mission

To give every child with Autism and other special language needs and disorders in Africa the very best chance at success by creating access to local and global opportunities for early, intensive, inclusive education and intervention.



One strategy is to ensure that over the next decade schools that practice Inclusive Education for children with Autism and special needs will be more available in Nigeria and Africa. This will be accomplished by partnerships with some pilot schools to establish programs that will encourage the practice of Inclusive Education and serve as role models to other schools. More specifically ACSI's goal is to establish two viable programs for Early Intervention in two pilot schools over the next three years.



Secondly, increase the capacity of Special Education professionals/teachers by providing regular training from our global partners/experts. Quarterly "Train the Trainer" seminars and site visits organized by ACSI in collaboration with the International Autism Initiative (IAI) will help attain the goal of increased capacity building.



Another strategy is to make Inclusion an acceptable and regular practice by promoting awareness of the existence of Autism spectrum disorders in Africa and by educating all who interact with these children such as their parents, caregivers, health care professionals and the general public.



Furthermore, annual Autism Awareness campaigns which will involve stakeholders and the general public on the need to make symptoms, signs and most importantly the treatment of Autism known thereby creating an environment/community where inclusion is an acceptable practice will help accomplish this goal.



Finally, partnership with Governments to help encourage a national and international adoption of the practice of Inclusion in our Educational system. This Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) will encourage efficiency of the integration of Inclusive Education into the fabric of our school system and also provide the very important benefit of cost-sharing.